Don’t worry. We’re not here to hit you with the famous and useless line used by every guru ever telling you to “work smarter not harder” without giving a real example of what they mean . . . 🙄.

I personally fall asleep every time someone says that.


Today we’re here to share that being smart about planning your emails and content means thinking about it in terms of themes (we’ll explain in a sec) and letting someone else do the heavy lifting of coming up with subject lines and titles that excite people.


Hey, I’m Regina (left) and that’s Allie (right), and we create profitable content in various niches, but our most profitable brands are:

  • a health and wellness brand about detoxing your home and life (it makes a few thousand dollars each month)

  • a brand that helps business owners create an engaged email list of people who actually value their work and pay them (it makes multiple 5 figures per month)

And guess what?

We don’t sit around thinking up content the night before or stressing about what to email our lists, or write on our blogs, or create eBooks or email courses out of . . . content is the least of our worries because we use the system we’re about to share.

100 Emails - Single Page Preview.png

See, it’s all about thinking of your content in terms of themes.

You can save so much time in your business by:

(1) Coming up with one theme each month/quarter (example theme: better non-verbal communication with your significant other) . . . then

(2) Creating a core set of content around that theme (ex: Facebook Live episodes that break non-verbal communication up into separate episodes, statistics, and mini-challenges to try) . . . and then simply . . .

(3) Using your other outlets to promote or share that core content (ex: emails that expand on the episodes or preview the episodes and direct people to them; plus Instagram Stories that share some of the content and direct people back to it; etc.) . . . and of course . . .

(4) Using our pre-developed list of 100+ subject lines and title formulas so that you can easily plug your concepts into something that gets people excited to click and consume.

When you think in terms of themes instead of “What can I share today, right now?”, ideas will flow more easily and your content will seem more connected to your readers. You’ll also be less stressed about what to say (in emails and resources) and what to do on social media.

Our Smart Emails and Content Planner is a digital document (so, no printing required to fill it in and use it) with 100+ email subject line formulas and content ideas. Yes. Really. And they’re on sale at a special price until the timer above expires.

Over 100 ideas for you to plug your brand and topics into.


We have pulled from our most popular emails, blog posts, and podcast episodes of all time (in various niches) to create these formulas for you. You can use them as your weekly/monthly/quarterly themes, or as individual content ideas that will be part of a larger theme. They will drastically cut down your workload . . . and help you name things in a way that gets people to click, open, consume, and enjoy. I mean, the quality of the actual content is on you, but these 100 formulas will help you get excited people to view your content.


Grab our 100 formulas at an insane price for a limited time. Only $18. Normally, $48.

100 Emails Preveiw 2.png

When the timer expires, this epic price is gone forever.

P.S. Your purchase is non-refundable, but comes with an expanded lesson on planning in themes, and a digital doc with 100+ formulas that you can either use online in Google Drive, save on your computer, or print and fill out.